Final Reflection

Evolution and Human Behavior class has given me not just a great experience but also, a general understanding of the topic. Going into this class as a Management major with little to no biology background was a bit uneasy at first. Quite frankly, I had no clue what I was about to walk into. Luckily Prof. C helped make this semester an enjoyable time with her diverse (to me) course plan. I’ve never taken an online class that strictly revolved around setting up and running a blog site along with a twitter handle. This approach in itself is evolutionary.

This course has made me feel comfortable posting blogs publicly. I really didn’t know what to expect at first. Once the class got going and students began to interact I began to enjoy my workload. The fact that we’re allowed to create posts on topics of interests was a huge benefit to me. Being set loose like this can be awkward to start. This course module allowed me to dig deep into human behavior and evolution topics that interested me. It was nice not following a strict lesson plan for once. Some might see this not being beneficial to students because it’s more of you get what you put in work load. However, the loose requirements and the brief intro to the topic at the beginning of the semester helped glue the pieces together.

I’ve learned quite a lot throughout the semester regarding the processes and importance of evolution. For me, it was eye-opening learning about how everything we’ve done in the past shapes our future similarly. For example one of my blogs “Gossip Then Gossip Now” explains how we communicated prior to having verbal language. How social grooming was used as a tool to know if another species could be trusted. Another example would be my “Roots of Violence” article. In this post, I go over how humans are one of the most violent species towards each other on the planet. Humans used to fight to increase fitness. A man needed a mate and food for survival and that was about it. Now we live in a much more complex world where our surroundings impact our emotions much more. However, we’re still fighting each other today for similar resources.

This class is set up very well for working with other students even though it’s strictly online. Having to read and comment on other classmate’s posts helped me stay engaged and inspired. One classmate Devan Kurr posted an article on “The Sixth Extinction” that sparked my interest in extinction specifically for Honey Bees. The following week I researched about Honey Bees and their future to come up with my second blog post.

All in all, I enjoyed my time spent working in this class. I plan to keep on blogging after this course is complete. I’ll also continue to tweet any exciting discoveries I find in the future. I recommend this class to any student regardless of their degree focus. This class gets you thinking outside of the box and also gives some great tips and tricks for running a successful blog!

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